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Updated 20 apr 2021
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PlayAmo Casino  – Bonus Program for Australian Players

Just look at the homepage of the official website of PlayAmo casino AU, and you will instantly get a feeling that you are in an actual casino. Huge banners are announcing upcoming jackpots, glittery elements everywhere on the page, and an array of games and gaming providers to choose from. It’s an all-in-one solution for gamblers like you and me who not only want to try their luck but also have some wild fun.

However, the thing that sets it apart from other casinos in the market is the bonus program. The PlayAmo Casinos bonuses in Australia are in a league of their own, offering you a wide range of promotions and discounts so that you keep playing no matter what.

The Best Way to Win – PlayAmo

With a tagline that suggests that the platform is ‘the best way to win’, Dama NV’s PlayAmo’s USPs like in its staff’s experience playing at casinos, a wide range of gaming providers offering 3,500 games, and Curaçao-based registration. Those are three of the most important things to look for in an online casino.

PlayAmo is a popular brand in the online gambling circuit, and I am pretty sure that you have visited the website at least once during your online gambling journey. While the promotions give you an opportunity to literally double your money, PlayAmo keeps the spirit running and high through its auxiliary programs like progressive jackpots and live dealers.

All in all, PlayAmo is the perfect destination for newbies and professionals alike. Let’s take a closer look at what promotions and bonuses are on offer.

As someone who has been gambling since I was in my early 20s, I believe I have this natural quality of detecting good and bad online casinos. And my experience tells me that PlayAmo is one of the most legit and best Australian casinos out there. You cannot go wrong with it or with the money that you put here.

Current Bonus Offers in the Online Casino PlayAmo

In this PlayAmo Casino bonuses review, I will quickly take you through the current promotions and discounts available. Make sure you log in or create an account (if not already) before you start because the offers expire pretty quickly. With millions of users visiting the website daily, this is actually obvious.

As of April 2021, there are five types of bonuses on offer:

  1. First deposit bonus up to 100% – This depends on the amount that you deposit
  2. Second deposit bonus up to 50% – This too depends on the deposit amount
  3. Friday Reload
  4. Monday Free Spins – Automatically added to your account; no deposit needed
  5. High Roller bonus – deposit more than $1,000 and win the biggest offerings by PlayAmo

The last one is actually the highlight of current bonus offers. It has a lot of takers at PlayAmo because there’s a guaranteed win. I have tried it a couple of times and won decent money. But I like to try out new games, so I spend all my dollars on new arrivals and obscure games. That’s where the real money is.

I actually started my gambling journey with PlayAmo back in the day when I was still an infant in online casinos. Its decent website and a wide range of offers gave me the motivation to continue. I feel PlayAmo is a great platform for newbies. It’s friendly, exciting, and it’s legit.

Welcome Bonus in Casino PlayAmo

As of March 2021, there is no special welcome PlayAmo bonus available. But that does not mean you should not sign up today. There’s an array of bonuses on offer that keep on giving, and which will help you earn some good money in the longterm.

As I have mentioned above, there are five types of bonuses. Out of those, the first deposit and second deposit are the most lucrative for new users. You can also explore the other three bonuses, but you should start with the deposit.

First Deposit Bonus at PlayAmo Online Casino

The first deposit bonus in PlayAmo is definitely the starting point of your fortune hunt. With the minimum bet being $5, you are expected to deposit around $100 to get a 100% bonus. But if you are a new user, you stand a chance to win up to $100 more. Crazy, right?

Another feature of the first deposit bonus is that you get 20 free spins after every 24 hours for 5 days. These can be executed in the Lucky Lady’s Clover slot.

Pro Tip – Use promo code FIRSTDEP to redeem the deposit bonus.

Once you get the bonus, you can start wagering across games – slots, video slots, table and card games, etc. And if you get lucky, you should then focus on the progressive jackpots or maybe participate in the PlayAmo High Roller. It’s the biggest bonus you can earn on the platform.

Second Deposit Bonus at PlayAmo Online Casino

While most other casinos reduce the bonus offer with the second and subsequent deposits, PlayAmo deposit bonus increases as you transfer more money. Let’s just see what the second PlayAmo bonus – promo code is SECONDDEP –  gets you:

  • 50% bonus – Turn $400 into $600 in just a single transfer
  • 50 free spins in Lucky Blue slot

With this money earned, you can play some of the favorite games of Australian players such as Sinbad, Fire Forge, Red Heiress, Stars & Fruits, Solar Wilds, and Highland Reels. A mix of slot games and card games is the highlight of PlayAmo.

Author’s Opinion on the Welcome Bonuses in Playamo Casino

AU player

If ever any one of your friends asks, “Find some new casinos lately?” you should point them out to PlayAmo Casino. Not just because I recommend it but because it’s a great platform for new users and has charming graphics and animations. I feel it elevates the online gambling experience manifold.

Free Spins at PlayAmo Online Casino

Free spins are routine at PlayAmo. I have already mentioned two ways that you can earn free spins when playing online Australian pokies that I have reviewed. Let’s take a closer look at them:

Monday Free Spins

First of all, it’s great to see PlayAmo addressing the Monday blues issue. I go through them a lot, especially during this pandemic-infused lockdown where I am right now. And I am sure even the best of us goes through a melancholic period where we just don’t have the motivation or the excitement to wager.

And PlayAmo’s solution for that?

100 free spins on Mondays for the Journey Flirt slot. You can use these free spins throughout the week, but only on that slot. The only caveat here is that you will get these 100 free spins only if you deposit some money into your account. In my research, I found that $50 is the minimum amount that you have to cough up.

One way to circumvent this is to plan your first and second deposits accordingly so that you can get both the free spins and other bonuses that are promised.

Other Ways to Get Free Spins

  • 20 free spins every 24 hours for 5 consecutive days on the first deposit
  • One-time 50 free spins on second deposit
  • 50 free spins as part of Friday Reload

Opinion on the Free Spins Bonuses Playamo Casino

AU player

All in all, the free spin offering is pretty cool at PlayAmo. You just need to manage your finances well and play like a skilled gambler to get all the benefits, week after week. Read on to find out more about such tricks.

Bonus Code in the Online Casino PlayAmo

There are essentially four PlayAmo bonus codes that you can use while interacting with the website. I have already mentioned them before above but let’s see how you can redeem them.

  1. FIRSTDEP – Redeem while making your first deposit
  2. SECONDDEP – Redeem while making your second deposit
  3. RELOAD – The Friday Reload program
  4. HIGHROLLER – To join the High Roller program

How to Redeem

First, go to your Account Settings and then access your Banking section. This is where you deposit money using any of the several payment methods on offer. Before depositing, you will see a dialog box that asks for promo codes. Just enter the right code in it and then transfer the money. The PlayAmo system will automatically provide you with the associated bonus.

Author’s Experience Getting No Deposit Bonuses

AU player

I have used both the bonus codes mentioned above and redeemed them to get bonuses and free spins. The only demerit is that if you don’t enter the code, you lose out on the offer. So, my suggestion: be very careful when depositing money.

No Deposit Bonus in the Online Casino PlayAmo

Unfortunately, PlayAmo Casino no deposit bonus does not exist. Unlike other popular casinos in the world like GoWild, PlayAmo does not provide you with an offer where you can gain anything without depositing money. It is for the same reason that there is no special welcome package either.

All bonuses and offers have to be supported by a deposit. Historically, there were some offers. But as of March 2021, don’t expect anything from PlayAmo.

Author’s Experience Getting Playamo No Deposit Bonuses

AU player

I would not brand it as a way to get money out of you; it’s just a business model that is followed by many other players. Even if you search for ‘PlayAmo bonus code no deposit’ online, you are bound to get no response.

Loyalty Program in the Online Casino PlayAmo

Here I would like to talk about two things:

  1. Friday Reload
  2. PlayAmo Loyalty Program

Each of them offers you a chance to increase your winnings and improve your luck.

For example, the Friday Reload is a promotion that gives you a chance to take back up to 50% of your deposits. The limit is $250, but it’s still a great deal because there are a few more things that you get:

  • 100 free spins for slot Johnny Cash – sent in two batches within 48 hours

Do note that this extra money can only be wager at $5 per game. Also, you need to use the RELOAD bonus code to successfully redeem this offer.

The VIP program, on the other hand, is on a league of its own. It’s nothing like I have seen before and gives you an experience that will make you come back to PlayAmo every day. For starters, there’s a story mode that you can enter when you join the VIP program. There are a total of 10 levels, and if you pass them all, you stand a chance to win Ferrari 488 GTB.

Just think about it: when was the last time an online casino gifted you a supercar?!

That’s right. Never. But with PlayAmo, if your stars are aligned, you can win a supercar and take your lover to a ride of their life.

All you need to do is join the program and collect special points by playing every day. These points are called CP. Higher your CP, the faster you move up the ladder. For more information, check the rules and regulations here.

Additionally, the names of the levels are also brilliant. Just take a look:

  • Level 1 – Amateur
  • Level 2 – Rookie
  • Level 3 – Intermediate
  • Level 4 – Pro
  • Level 5 – Star
  • Level 6 – Superstar
  • Level 7 – VIP
  • Level 8 – Diamond
  • Level 9 – Royal
  • Level 10 – Godlike

You have to reach the Godlike level to get the Ferrari supercar, which will be delivered to you within 30 business days from the day of your winning.

Author’s Opinion on the Loyalty Program

AU player

I feel these loyalty program-based promotions are two of the best on offer in Aussie casinos. There is a lot to win and redeem when you execute join these programs, giving you more to work and play with than what you find in competition casinos. Having used both the offers several times over the past year, I can fully vouch for their authenticity. The VIP loyalty program is a class apart from other similar programs provided by other casinos, as you already know from the description above.

How to Get Bonuses in the Online Casino PlayAmo?

There are no two ways to get bonuses on this platform. After your PlayAmo Casino login, simply go to your Account, make deposits, and start earning deposits.

As mentioned above, be very careful about promo codes because if you don’t apply them when depositing, you will not get any bonuses.

I am stressing on the redemption of bonus codes because I myself have forgotten to enter the codes a couple of times and I have regretted it. Just make a thumb rule: every time you deposit some money into your PlayAmo account, check for any bonus codes on your email (PlayAmo routinely sends promotional emails) and on the website. If there are any, don’t forget to use them.

Bonus Payment in the PlayAmo Casino

You can withdraw PlayAmo bonuses via your Account. Just make sure you have enough balance in your account before withdrawing. The best part here is that PlayAmo allows cryptocurrency transactions, something that other Aussie casinos don’t allow.

In all the Bitcoin casino reviews I have written so far, PlayAmo comes first because of this reason. You can use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for both deposits and withdrawals. So, make sure you keep your credentials ready before transacting.

Conclusion: Casino Bonus PlayAmo

Overall, thanks to the PlayAmo Casino bonuses, playing on this platform can get you some real money. Just make sure you play daily and increase your wager as you explore more to improve your chances of winning higher amounts.

Having played almost all types of games and using all PlayAmo promotions, my verdict of this Australian casino is extremely positive. It’s not only a legitimate website operating legal gambling services, it also cares about its users. You will find out the moment you register for an account there. Start today!

Playamo Bonus FAQs

Answers to some of the most common questions about PlayAmo Casino.

What is the most attractive bonus in Casino PlayAmo?

The Friday Reload and High Roller promotion are the most attractive.

What is the best way to get a bonus in Casino PlayAmo?

Just sign up for an account, make your first deposit, and you will receive the first bonus and some free spins.

Does Casino PlayAmo offer further promotions?

Yes. Although there are no seasonal promotions, you should check its Promotions page every week to see the current offers.

What is the experience of this Casino PlayAmo with a mobile bonus?

The experience is good. Mobile access is similar to the desktop version, and all bonuses exist for mobile users too.

Does the bonus in the online Casino PlayAmo differ from the bonus in the mobile application?

No. The offers and bonuses are the same on all devices.