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Live casinos AU

Live casinos AU are extremely popular, and it is not difficult to understand why.
If you are not familiar with live casinos, they offer live casino games, usually in the form table games such as blackjack and roulette and you play against a live dealer or croupier.

As well as being extremely entertaining, it is also something of an eye opener because in the case of blackjack for example, you can see the actual bets which the other players sitting around your table are making.

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If you know anything about the perfect blackjack strategy (Google it if you don’t), it is common knowledge that you should stick on 16 or higher.
When playing casinos with live dealer AU, you will be surprised by the number of players who hit on 17 or 18 with large stakes, no wonder online casinos are rumoured to make so much money.

Something else which makes live casinos online so popular is that you can talk to the dealer with some of these dealers being quite keen to get involved with small talk.
Be aware though, it can sometime get a little cringy, especially if the dealer is a young attractive female and you listen to the feeble attempts of another player trying to chat her up, it is very funny though.
If you haven’t experienced casinos with live dealer AU, you are in for a real treat but before you choose an Australian live dealer casino to do business with, there are certain steps you should take which we have listed below.

How to choose a new online casino

It would be highly advisable not to jump into the first online casino which you come across because as you would probably expect, not all of them offer Aussie players the best Australian live dealer casino experience.
Don’t worry though, if you carry out the following checks you won’t have any problems at all and you will be playing against a live dealer before you know it.

Does the casino have a licence?

Just about the most important fact about live casinos is that it must have a licence which has been issued by a respected authority.
Some people completely underestimate how important this is but think about it this way, if a casino has a licence, it will not only protect you, but it also goes to show that the licencing authority have saved you the bother of having to dig deep into how the casino is run because in order to qualify for a licence, the casino must have satisfied the licencing authority they deserve it.

To find out if casinos with live dealer AU have a licence, simply scroll down to the bottom of their website and you will see a link to the authority which has granted the licence.

The most common ones are the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority but if you click on any of the links you will be taken to the webpage of whoever granted the licence.

Is the casino secure

This has usually been covered by the granting of a licence, but it is always worth checking.
A casino being secure means that the personal details of a player along with the protection of their deposited funds are secure and cannot be hacked.
This is usually done by SSL encryption technology and you can see if this is in place by again scrolling to the bottom of the live casinos webpage where you will see the SSL logo.

If not, go to the privacy settings which can also be found at the bottom of the webpage as this is where you will find full details but it is usually the case that you won’t have to do this as the SSL logo will be readily displayed.

Bonuses and promotions

Everyone loves a bonus, especially when playing live casinos online but there are certain precautions which you must take before you decide to take advantage of a particular promotion or not.

Bonuses usually come in the form of a welcome bonus for new players as well as regular promotions for existing players.
The size of some of these bonuses can be quite extraordinary but you should always take the time to quickly read the terms and conditions which always accompany these offers.
So, if you are thinking about claiming a welcome bonus in order to play one of the live casinos AU, you should check that live casino games contribute to the wager requirements.
If you are unsure, click on the live chat button and ask the support agent to clarify and they will quickly and efficiently tell you exactly what you need to know.

The variety of games and slots

Even though you are initially looking to play live casino games, it is worth looking to see what other games are available should you fancy a change.
To be honest with you, this won’t be an issue because live casinos online always have a wide selection of other games to choose from and all these games are of a very high standard.

Payment methods

The same thing applies with payment methods, this is not something which you need to worry about because there will be a payment method which meets your requirements.

This is in the casino’s best interests because they obviously want you to deposit funds into your account and don’t worry if you have had trouble being accepted for a bank card in the past because web wallets and pre-paid debit cards are usually accepted which most people can get their hands on.
Web wallet accounts along with most pre-paid debit cards can be opened online.


Choosing live casinos with good customer support is a step which must not be underestimated because good support can mean the difference between a great and a bad gameplay experience.

Good customer support can resolve any problems more or less straight away and it is always reassuring to know that they are there should you need them.
You can usually contact customer support by telephone, email and live chat with live chat always being the preferred option to the simplicity and the fact that you can save the chats if you need to refer back at a later date.

Our recommended live casinos AU

To save you from going through the steps which we have already spoken about in order to choose the best live casinos AU, we have listed our favourites below.

  • Casino Chan

  • Red Dog Casino

  • King Billy Casino

All these live casinos online offer great bonuses and first-class customer support and are well worth considering if you don’t have an account with them already.

The advantages of live casinos online

As with all online casinos, the live casinos AU market is extremely competitive and for the reasons we will now talk about, this is excellent news for both new and existing Australian live dealer casino players.

Promotions and bonuses for every player

The trump card which live casinos always pull out of the bag to tempt new players to open an account and persuade existing players to carry on playing is the good old bonuses.
We have already spoken about checking the terms and conditions which go with these bonuses but as they say, it would be rude if you didn’t help yourself to the free money that is on offer.

Good customer support

Thankfully, you will find that good customer support across all online casinos is now the norm.
Live casinos AU know only too well that if a support agent is rude or is not prepared to help, the offended customer will not only never return but they will probably tell everyone they know on social media about their negative experience and all it takes is a few of these unhappy customers and the casino will be finished with most people saying good riddance.

A completely new experience

It may surprise you to know that most online casino players log into their account and play the same game, time and time again.
This is usually because they once experienced a decent win whilst playing the game and they are trying to replicate the feelings which they associated with that win.
Playing live casinos AU offers a completely different experience and it can actually be quite a sociable casino playing activity since you can be playing at a casino table with other players.

The latest gambling trends with Australian live dealer casino games

The latest gambling trends on the subject of live casinos is quite mind blowing because of the potential which is possible within this industry.
If you close your eyes for a second and let your imagination run wild about what you would like from a live casino game, the chances are that all of this will be possible within the next few years.

Artificial intelligence will play a big part and if you are impressed by the fact that you are playing against a live dealer, just wait and see what the software developers have in store for you. When it comes to the trends which are in place at the moment, players shopping around for the right Australian live dealer casino would have to be one of the standout trends at this present time. Casino players know that live casinos AU are desperate for new players to open an account and this means that they will bend over backwards to offer them exactly what they require.

If they aren’t prepared to do this, the player will simply look elsewhere. Another trend at the moment is responsible gambling. Responsible gambling measures have been put in place by the licencing authorities to try and help players with gambling problems. There are now all sorts of measures including alerts to remind players how long they have been playing along with the option of putting limits on deposits etc.

It is only the minority of players who have any kind of gambling problems, but it is reassuring that these measures are in place to help anyone who does.
Australian live dealer casino trends are constantly changing but one thing is for sure, this is an extremely exciting part of the online gambling industry and it will continue to offer players and amazing gameplay experience.